• The Sad State of Public Discourse on Gas Prices

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    By Angie Schmitt – It’s hard to imagine another commodity that would become a top news story each time its price rose a couple of cents. But such is America’s addiction to oil. And while the appetite for these stories appears to be bottomless, major media outlets don’t seem to have much stomach for examining the complicated set of factors that undergird the issue.

    Frustratingly, leading Republicans are doing a pretty good job convincing the American public that the president can dictate prices at the pump, even while they propose a transportation policy that would only further entrench American gasoline dependence.

    Yesterday environmental think tank the Post Carbon Institute reported ”nearly two-thirds of the voters say they disapprove of the way the President is handling gasoline prices and only 26 percent approve of his energy policies. Interestingly, 54 percent of those polled believe the President can control gas prices.”  [Continue reading…]

    Is the current run up in gas prices a prelude of things to come? The Oil Embargo of 1973 saw a true move to bicycles for basic transportation.


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