• The vast economic gains of bicycling vs driving

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    => One mile on a bike is a $.42 economic gain to society, one mile driving is a $.20 loss <=

    Cross-posted from Grist — Copenhagen, the bicycle-friendliest place on the planet, publishes a biannual Bicycle Account, and buried in its pages is a rather astonishing fact, reports Andy Clarke, president of the league of American Bicyclists:

    “When all these factors are added together the net social gain is DKK 1.22 per cycled kilometer. For purposes of comparison there is a net social loss of DKK 0.69 per kilometer driven by car.” 1.22 Danish crowns is about 25 cents and a kilometer is 6/10 of a mile, so we are talking about a net economic gain to society of 42 cents for every bicycle mile traveled. That’s a good number to have in your back pocket.

    And what are all the “social gains” that bicycling grants the city of Copenhagen?

    A number of factors are included in the equation such as transport costs, security, comfort, branding/tourism, transport times and health.  [More…]

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