• Will we ever be safe from distracted driving?

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    “43% of i-Phone users would go shoeless for a week, rather than temporarily release their phones”

    “73% of people sleep with their smartphones on their bed”

    “25% Nomophobes (those who fear losing the phone) reported accidents while messaging or talking on the phone”

    Is it any wonder that most folks shudder at the idea of biking on the road with cars? How can we blame them? Studies have shown that using a cell phone or similar device behind the wheel is as dangerous as driving drunk. But apparently, an additional 6-7 thousand highway deaths per year in the US (including a highly disproportionate number of bicyclists and peds) is worth the convenience. It’s time to bring the penalties for this behavior (while operating a vehicle) in line with DUI, and begin enforcing it.

    Cell Phones Kill
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