• Citing Budget Constraints, Portland to Invest More in Biking, Not Driving

    by  • April 19, 2012 • Bicycle Friendly Places • 0 Comments

    If only Wilmington, Newark, and other Delaware cities would share a similar vision –

    From Streetsblog.net

    by Angie Schmitt — It’s always interesting to peek in on what’s happening in Portland, America’s bike mode share leader.

    Portland Bureau of Transportation Director Tom Miller announced yesterday that Portland will pursue a 10 percent bike mode share target. Photo: Bike Portland

    During a speech at the Oregon Active Transportation Summit yesterday, PBOT Director Tom Miller announced that Portland will be pursuing a 10 percent bike mode share goal, an interim step on the city’s way to achieving its 25 percent target by 2030. (Portland already has the highest bike commuting share of any big city in the country at 7 percent or 5.8 percent, depending on who’s counting.)

    Jonathan Maus at Bike Portland reports, interestingly, that the reasoning is driven by fiscal concerns as much as anything.  [Continue readng …]


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