• Bike Hoarders – Final Project

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    April 19, 2012 | by Rob Sadowsky, Portland BTA — Almost all bicyclists get that feeling sometime. It starts with a sighting or a dream. Then you want it with your entire core. You dream about it at night. You sweat about telling your partner that you want to get another bicycle. They’ll laugh at you. They’ll tell you that you already have enough. They’ll ask that you get rid of one first. They simply don’t get it. This is not really a free choice; it is an obsession that can only be resolved with getting that bike.

    That “next bike obsession” is something that I’ve been having lately — until I fulfilled it by buying not one, but TWO bikes. Really, I meant to just take a peek at the store, not linger for an hour. I told myself, After all, I’ve never had a road bike, a real road bike. I mean, none of my current three bikes go very fast or up hills very well. And when I think about it a bit further, well, my commuter bike is kind of clunky and slow. So, let me look at that one over there, too.  [Continue reading …]


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