• Better World Club offers bike-friendly alternative to AAA

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    We’re the Better World Club, and we will soon be offering one of the first bike insurance policies in the United States.

    We provide the only nationwide roadside assistance for bicycles. We also donate money to environmental cleanup and advocacy, and support the development of alternative transit (most recently, we’ve been involved in the battle for a 3-Foot Law in California).

    We provide drivers and cyclists with an alternative to AAA and other auto clubs, and we’re unique in believing that the highway lobby shouldn’t have control over the ways we travel.

    We will soon be adding full-coverage insurance to our bicycle roadside assistance program. It will include both medical and liability, with optional coverage available for property damage and theft.

    We need to know if you’re interested, and how likely you would be to purchase the roadside assistance/insurance program once it becomes available. Help us out by answering this brief survey, and leave us your email address if you’d like to get an announcement when it launches! (We don’t believe in spamming, selling, or letting other people “borrow” your contact information).

    For further information, email club@betterworldclub.com


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