• “A biking pioneer who shares her story of sharing the road”

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    More from WHYY’s team report on Bikeable Delaware with Taunya English of the Health and Science Desk. Plans for putting Delaware on the bike map go deeper than government. Taunya introduces us to Amy Wilburn, a biking pioneer who shares her story of sharing the road.

    Poster’s Note:  Amy is current Chair of the Delaware Bicycle Council, and is a true champion of bike-friendly legislation in our state. These include the 3′ passing law, Vulnerable Road Users, and making it legal to use right turn-only lanes as shoulders. Without these successes, Delaware could not have achieved its current ranking as a Bronze level Bicycle Friendly State.

    As this is a program with multiple segments, you must drag the lower progress bar to approx. 10:40 to begin.

    Watch First for Friday, May 18, 2012 on PBS. See more from First.

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