• News Journal Advice to Delawareans: “Take a Hike!”

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    Published in the News Journal
    September 26, 2012

    Delawareans – especially, young Delawareans – need to get outdoors more often.

    First, it’s refreshing. There’s nothing like a little green, or, soon, red and yellow, to wake up your senses and clear the brain. Second, it’s healthy. We spend too much time surrounded by walls. We get too little fresh air and too much electronic game time. Go out and play. Third, Delawareans need to get outdoors more because it’s nearby. That’s a great advantage of Delaware. The trails, the walks and the fields are not that far away. Why not enjoy it?

    That’s why we salute a state public health campaign aimed at coaxing children and their parents – and their grandparents, aunts, uncles and neighbors as well – to enjoy Delaware’s growing network of biking and walking trails.

    A meeting of policymakers this week focused on what Delaware has done to make these trails more available and what still needs to be done. The success of Sussex Outdoors was a good example. Sussex Outdoors is a program supported by the Nemours Foundation to make playing outside more appealing to the young.

    This kind of effort pays off. The General Assembly has set aside money to build more trails in state parks and to help the Department of Transportation build pathways that connect towns and neighborhoods.

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