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    3 Responses to Number of bicycle commuters in Delaware is tiny…and getting tinier

    1. Angela
      October 5, 2012 at 4:30 pm

      Having a simple 7 mile commute, I would love to ride my bicycle to work, but I cannot, as it is extremely unsafe. I work near the Christiana Mall, in a Medical Center located off of Old Baltimore Pike. Along with the hazards of navigating and crossing Rt 273, I would have to navigate a blind hill with no shoulder, often in darkness, as I start my workdays early and sometimes finish in the evening. I hear this from other cyclists, also. Although many people would love to ride their bikes to work, they are afraid to actually do so. I would guess that very few commuters are fortunate enough to have a shoulder or path to travel along on their way to work. Most will have to navigate major arterial roadways. Until we improve and change the infrastructure that we have created to favor cars, and improve on-road conditions for cyclists, we will see few people who can reasonably and safely commute by bicycle.

    2. Scott
      October 8, 2012 at 10:03 am

      Kirkwood Highway along the stretch from newark towards wilmington is particularly unsafe in places, though I still commuted that for about a year until moving to a different area. As it stands now I still bike everywhere, and have sold my car (though I still maintain a drivers licence) more than 7 years ago.

      The infrastructure is improving (hugely! Yay!), but still I see some mistakes being made — the new stretch of construction along Elkton Rd./Casho Mill Road : Coming along Casho towards Elkton Rd, the shoulder abruptly disappears, and worse there’s a stretch of recently repaved sidewalk that is ‘unclaimed’ as far as maintenance goes, so the weeds and brush have already overgrown it since this summer’s construction on it finished, and it’s unsafe to navigate. Bad Delaware, No Donut!

    3. Joel Schwaber
      November 11, 2012 at 2:33 am

      That graph shows a total of .4% difference over a long period and ends in 2010. With a “walkable, bikable Delaware” announced, a new bike project launched in 2011, and a lot of trails/bike lanes under construction, I figure we’ll see a noticeable uptick on the 2011/2012 for ridership. Still, we need to promote it as an option.

      Maybe if we ditch the spandex image and stick with something more people can relate to, we can convince more people out of their cars and get them to do the right thing, for themselves and for the environment.

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