• Measure B1 sales tax increase trailing narrowly in tight Alameda County race

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    By Denis Cuff
    Contra Costa Times

    A measure to double Alameda County’s transportaton sales tax to a full 1 cent was narrowly failing at the polls, but the outcome could change when a large number of mail-in ballots are counted.

    With all precincts reporting, Measure B1 garnered 65.5 percent of the vote — short of the 66.6 percent or two-thirds majority needed to pass, according to unoffical results Tuesday.

    There are many ballots yet to be counted — mail-in ballots and absentee ballots turned in at polling places Tuesday.

    Alameda County election officials said the uncounted ballots could amount to as much as 25 percent of the total votes. .

    The measure would make the sales tax permanent and would raise $7.8 billion over 30 years to boost spending on roads, freeways, public transit, bicycle and pedestrian improvements, and transit-oriented developments.

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    • We bike, we vote and we’ll be watching the returns from Alameda County, California where $600 million dollars for cycling is on the ballot


    2 Responses to Measure B1 sales tax increase trailing narrowly in tight Alameda County race

    1. November 7, 2012 at 11:56 am

      How on earth can anything get accomplished when it requires 2/3?? Should the ballot lose this closely, 1/3 will be deciding the transportation future for everyone. This defies any sense of logic. Should be simple majority.

    2. December 12, 2012 at 7:20 pm

      Bike computers weigh too much. That would have cut into how many Dick’s Milk Shakes we could cosnume. Seriously, it’s hard to believe no one had a computer. Anne has one on her bike even, but was using a spare wheel w/ no sensor. Hmmmm maybe Julian’s iPhone surreptitiously tracked our route?

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