• NYC bike infrastructure fuels huge post-Sandy bicycling boom

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    Years of bike improvements pay off in spades as the city tries to rebuild its transit system –

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    by Sam Handler — A week after Hurricane Sandy, a conversation about “hurricane-proofing” New York City has already begun. Storm barrierssubway tunnel plugsnew wetlands, and oysters are all on the table.

    While that conversation must happen, it’s also important to recognize a piece of New York City infrastructure that has been essential in the aftermath of the storm (albeit powerless to keep the city dry): bike infrastructure. With repairs to the transit system ongoing, subway delays, and some service gaps, many New Yorkers have gotten their bikes out and ridden them through the gridlocked city. How many? 30,000 cyclists crossed the East River bridges last Thursday, according to NYCDOT. Normally, 13,000.  [Full article ….]

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