• Comments from Delaware cyclists about sidewalk riding

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    Question: How often do you ride on sidewalks? A) Never ever. B) Sometimes. C)  A lot.

    “Never ever.” – A.R.

    “Rarely if ever.” – L.W.

    “Never.” – R.P.

    “Rarely and only if conditions are such that I have to.” – K.P.

     “Unless there is a dedicated wide bike lane I will use the sidewalk. I know it’s wrong but I just don’t feel safe on the road.” – D.D.

    “Only when safety concerns dictate it.” – C.N.

    “Only if I have to and there no other safer alternative.” – C. J.-P.

    “Me and my road bike are on the roads.” – C.D.G

    “Cleveland Avenue in Newark is a good example.” – M.D.

    “I use them when I need to… if I am working downtown…I use them to avoid getting killed by the buses….when I am on 52 I use them in Greeneville to avoid the PA drivers trying to get to the red light on Buck road.” – R.J.S.

    “Often, on specific portions of my commute. I almost never encounter pedestrians on these stretches.” – T.P.

    “I’m like a B- or C+, if I’m honest…” – E.L.

    “Never.” – R.G.

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    Do you ride on sidewalks?

    5 Responses to Comments from Delaware cyclists about sidewalk riding

    1. Steve
      July 16, 2013 at 11:35 am

      Delaware is home to tons of sidepaths attached to all of the new construction along many of our arterials. To some extent I can’t tell these paths from the sidewalks. Is the wide concrete path in front of Governor’s Square II a bike path? It looks like it’s designed to the width of one but it doesn’t say it allows cyclists and it’s concrete.

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