• Best of Bike Delaware 2013: Goodbye “Share The Road”

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    2013 Look Back: This post was originally published on November 4, 2013.  It was the 5th most viewed Bike Delaware article of 2013.


    No_STRIn August, Bike Delaware asked DelDOT to permanently discontinue its use of the “Share The Road” plaque in Delaware. The article on our ask, which can be read HERE, was viewed on the web more than 15,000 times, “liked” more than 1,800 times and generated many thoughtful comments. (Bike Delaware shared all these comments with DelDOT.)

    On Friday, DelDOT’s Chief Traffic Engineer released an official memo to DelDOT staff and contractors:

    “…effective immediately, DelDOT is discontinuing the use of the STR [“Share The Road”‘] plaque. For projects that have not yet reached the final plan  submission, the STR plaque should be deleted from the plans. For projects past the the final plan submission or in construction, the STR plaque does not need to be installed. When bicycle warning signs and STR plaques are being replaced for maintenance purposes…the STR plaque should be omitted…”

    To understand why this is a smart decision by DelDOT, please read our original letter from August which explained the problems that the well-meaning, but ambiguous and confusing, “Share The Road” message causes.



      James Wilson is the executive director of Bike Delaware.






    End “Share the Road” 

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    1. Representative Gerald L. Brady
      December 29, 2013 at 12:30 pm


      Sorry to read the disappointing news.
      I am traveling through Wednesday, with family. We can chat immediately after New Year.

      I may introduce this issue at the opening of session on January 14th. Possibly a full Committee Meeting.

      Please share your thoughts.

      Representative Gerald L. Brady
      (302) 229-0147

      Happy New Year!!!!

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