• If you don’t know the most bicycle-friendly governor in America, you don’t know Jack

    by  • January 16, 2017 • Cool People • 15 Comments

    In the slideshow below, we look back with gratitude and affection at the most bicycle-friendly governor in America:

    Eric Mease, Rick Cronan, David Sack, Dolores Keller, Jinny Kucek, Paul Merrick, Wade D Carey, Pam Wilson, Charles Moore, Rebecca Forney, Judith Nicholas, Nancy Maldeis, Brenda McKinney, Lori Culnane, Annie Dugan Gilmour, William Eubank, Sally Cannon, Chip O'Connor, Keith Krug, Yaprak Ozdemir Soysal, Wesley R. Bowman, Heike Kuehn Sweeney, Jeanne Keister, Brian Schiff, James John Friel, Julie French Pugh, D Illon Kay, Cathy Hart, Sarah Scarborough Casalvera, Patrick Gray, Mary Ruggiero, Kristin Froehlich, Rt Christopher, Bernadette Albert Donohue, Elaine Musto, Cindy Phipps, Alison Altergott, Mark Bilohlavek, Lynn Dilliplane-Montes, Jack Berberian, Kris Connors Pond, Betty Olmstead, Nigel Pond, Emilie Baglin Crosser, Cait Coster, Kathy Lynch Ara, Fran Curran, Christian Willauer, Mary Jane Horvath, Glenda Ruggiero, Diana Noonan, Nancy Stout, Jeanie Igo, Mimi Rayl, Leslie Carey, Kevin G A Melloy, Linda Roland, Tracy Todd Woodson, Barb Fones, Kathy Davison, Raymond W. Klingerman Jr., William Kelly, Tom Hurd, Marc Circus, Bill Batchelor, Al Bestwick, Jane Jefferson Rattenni, Pat Bristow, Donna Hoyt, Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), Liz Nalle, Röbby Sanfranciskö, Kevin Adams, Mike Kennedy, Jeffrey Gordon, Dawn Hollinger, Leslie Raia, Christine Davidson, Kay Stoffer Rudo, Susan Flook, Cheryl Heiks, David Teague, Fran Battaglia, Shane Pasley, Ann McCoy Schneider, Michael Sargent, Julie M Sebring, Jim Hoke, Susan McDowell Griffin, Don Eros, Walt Borders, Diana Federico, Mary Jane Donnelly, Lucy Payne Pollack, Thomas Starobynski, Betty Kratt, Esther Lovlie, Michael Bensinger, Nicole Magnusson, Kathleen Kay Gurney Welch, John Thornes, Marie LaDuca, Joseph Matonti, Bill Lovett, Kate Cottle, Michael Reph, Robert John Setting, Mark Smolko, Shaun Gundel, Jeff Ellis, Ian Crandall, Patrick Pennington, Emily Williams, Marihelen Barrett, Tracy Cohan, Polly Sierer, Victoria Hill Mays, Alicia Markey, Trisha Naomi Sharp, Olga Jurado, Phyllis McCollum, Branan Cooper, Kimberly Frock, Ben Jones, Erin Barkovic, MaryClare Urlacher Matsumoto, Jan Kilner, Jane Murphy Orescan, Byron Poland, Daniel Ecret, Johanna Platteschorre Bishop, Brian Bahnson, Chau Schroeder, Colleen L Johnson, Terry Lindenmuth, Brian B Nyamu, Donald Ray Smith, Kathy Veser Alderman, Bill Trefzger, Scott Smathers, Dawn Marie, Dorothy Steele, Lexie Samick, Josie Marsh, Mei Lin Moore, Michael Goetz, Andrew Davies liked this post

    15 Responses to If you don’t know the most bicycle-friendly governor in America, you don’t know Jack

    1. Michael
      January 16, 2017 at 4:07 pm

      Riding with the “GOV” was a highlight ride
      he will be miss!

    2. Michael McClure
      January 16, 2017 at 6:22 pm

      Really enjoyed the Governor’s ride in October. Does Carney ride? If not, how do we get the motorcycle escorts this year’s ride?

    3. James Jones
      January 16, 2017 at 9:29 pm

      Thank you Governor Jack Markell for all that you have done for our community, state, and nation.

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