• Key Committee Vote Advances Bicycle Friendly Delaware Act

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    One vote down. Three more to go. Two votes down. Two more to go.

    UPDATE: Delaware House of Representatives Decisively Backs Bicycle Friendly Delaware Act


    • Reps. Mitchell, Johnson, Mulrooney, Brady, Osienski, Wilson, Carson and Smyk all voted to advance the Bicycle Friendly Delaware Act yesterday out of the House Public Safety Committee.
    • There are five elements of the Bicycle Friendly Delaware Act.
    • Cyclists are mostly killed at intersections in collisions with cars and trucks. Bicycle traffic signals are an indispensable engineering tool to prevent these deadly crashes. The Bicycle Friendly Delaware Act would enable the Delaware Department of Transportation to deploy bicycle traffic signals in Delaware as a safety countermeasure.
    • Cyclists can easily be startled and swerve into traffic by vehicle horns designed to be loud enough to be heard inside other vehicles. The Bicycle Friendly Delaware Act would prohibit honking at cyclists when passing when no imminent danger of a collision exists. (Image credit: Bikeyface.)
    • It can be extremely dangerous for motorists to try to “squeeze” by cyclists in a travel lane that is too narrow. The Bicycle Friendly Delaware Act would require motorists to change lanes to pass cyclists (and farm equipment and animal-drawn vehicles too!) in this situation. (Image credit: IAmTraffic.org)
    • Delaware law about “where to ride” is so confusingly written that sometimes even police officers can’t understand it. The Bicycle Friendly Delaware Act would rewrite these confusing sections of state law so that everyone – cyclists, motorists and, especially, police – understands where cyclists can ride.
    • The Bicycle Friendly Delaware Act would permit cyclists to either stop completely or to slow down and yield to other traffic at stop sign-controlled intersections.


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