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    Three months ago, Governor Jack Markell unveiled his plan to build a walkable and bikeable Delaware at the Delaware Bike Summit.  But in his State of the State speech on January 19, Governor Markell took his vision directly to the people of Delaware – and asked for their support.

    We must put ourselves in the shoes of those who create jobs.  We’ve got to understand the industries in our State better than any other state.  And we’ve got to be more committed to the success of businesses in our state than any other state.  We have most of the ingredients that businesses are looking for – good schools and institutions of higher education, reasonable taxes, a high-quality workforce, a wonderful quality of life, and a responsive government…

    [O]ne of the best ways we can improve our quality of life, and promote healthy lifestyles at the same time, is to make our state more walkable and bikeable. In the next year, working with Representative Keeley and Senator Venables, we will launch the First State Trails and Pathways Plan. I am proposing that we dedicate $13 million to build miles of new and enhanced trails throughout our State for every Delawarean to enjoy. Building on the strong foundation of existing trails and greenways already in place, we can make Delaware one of the most walkable and bikeable states in America…

    The economic ground is shifting under everyone’s feet.  Others are finding it difficult to adapt.  They are pointing fingers rather than pulling together.  They are holding each other back rather than lifting each other up.  Our history and our culture demonstrate that we do better than that in Delaware.  But to take advantage of this moment and build a lasting competitive edge for our State and its people, we must do more than simply work with, rather than against, each other.  Together, we must act with confidence and imagination.

    More about Governor Markell’s (and our) vision for Delaware:

    Everyone has a right to be able to walk and bike safely.

    Want to make a difference? Check out the Rails to Trails Conservancy’s fact sheet on the benefits of trails and greenways, as well as the economic boon these facilities are for the local communities that are adjacent to them. Then send a letter to the editor via email: letters@delawareonline.com or on-line form HERE (be sure to include your full time phone and email).

    Grand Allegheny Passage (Maryland <-> Pennsylvania)



    Walkable, Bikeable Delaware

    League of American Bicyclists: $5 million dedicated to Bicycling in Delaware — ready to match with federal funds

     Robert Venables and Jack Markell


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