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    I was wow’d by the vendors at the National Women’s Bike Forum displaying a wide variety of apparel for women. No black spandex there! Instead there were stylish safety “vests” in shocking pink, orange or green with reflective edging, and sparkles. There were bike helmets that looked like hats, or that sported fun decorations. There were “skirt garters”. The elastic band goes around her leg just above the knee, with a clip to hold the skirt down while riding. According to the brochure, this allows you to “Show your sass, not your @$$!”.

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    With the ingenious creations displayed at the conference, women can be very feminine and still ride bikes (by britta). Read a more complete account, along with lots of photos, courtesy of Bike Portland, here.

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    For a sampling of the vendors represented at the forum, check these out:

    • Helmets looking like hats: Band Box LLC
    • Reflective, sparkly, stylish vests: Verspertine
    • Skirt garters and other accessories for the urban bike chick: Bird Industries
    • Helmets with fancy designs: Nutcase

    A listing of all the vendors, with links to their websites, can be found here.
    Carol Ireland is a board member and officer of Bike Delaware.




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    1. Delaware Suburbanite Acolyte
      March 11, 2013 at 10:55 am

      I haven’t looked at the bike de site for a long time, but the promise of pornography brought me back!

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