• Budget Writing Committee Wrestles With $12 Million “Funding Gap”

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    Bond Committee co-chair Senator Robert Venables (left), Bond Committee co-chair Quinn Johnson (center) and Governor Jack Markell (right)

    Bond Committee co-chair Senator Robert Venables (left, speaking at the recent Walkable Bikeable Delaware Summit), Bond Committee co-chair Representative Quinn Johnson (center) and Governor Jack Markell (right, also speaking at the Walkable Bikeable Delaware Summit)

    The Joint Committee on Capital Improvement (also known as the “Bond Committee”) of the Delaware General Assembly is meeting this week to decide on the state of Delaware’s capital budget.

    The state’s capital budget covers all state agencies, including DelDOT and DNREC.

    The Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council met yesterday and updated the state’s current financial position, as well as revenue forecasts. The council’s new numbers left the Bond Committee with a $12 million dollar “funding gap” compared to what Governor Markell assumed would be available when he released his capital budget in January.

    With a $12 million dollar “hole” to fill – plus legislators’ own priorities that were not in Governor Markell’s January budget – projects with funding in Governor Markell’s proposed budget – including cycling projects – are now under pressure. The committee could decide to remove some of the funding for cycling projects that the Governor proposed in January. Bike Delaware, along with its partners, is keeping an eye on the governor’s proposed funding for cycling during these crucial few days of decision-making.

    Two years ago, this committee approved an historic commitment to cycling.


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