• DelDOT Contractor Makes 2nd Try at Fixing Bad Rumble Strips

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    Rumble Strip Fix Test

    DelDOT contractor carries out a 2nd test to fix improperly installed rumble strips on Thursday on Route 9 near Lakeview Boulevard. Photo credit: DelDOT.

    On Thursday, DelDOT contractor Safety Improvements LLC made a second try at fixing improperly installed rumble strips (see image above).

    The second test took place on the eastbound side of Route 9, west of Lakeview Boulevard near Lewes (map).

    A first try at fixing the bad rumble strips failed, but led to last Thursday's second effort.

    A first try at fixing the bad rumble strips failed, but led to last Thursday’s second effort.

    Several weeks earlier, Safety Improvements made a first try at fixing the bad rumble strips on Route 24 near Robinsonville Road (see image at right). Bike Delaware evaluated the fix and, reluctantly, reported back to DelDOT that it was a failure. The patch material formed mounds that were not flush with the surrounding pavement and was, as a result, effectively unrideable.

    For the first test on Route 24, DelDOT’s contractor used a hand-operated, gas-powered tamper to fill in the rumble strips. For the second test on Thursday, the contractor used a roller.

    Rumble strips, also known as sleeper lines, rumple strips, audible lines and growlers are a safety countermeasure for preventing “run-off-road” (“ROR”) motor vehicle crashes. They are recommended by the Federal Highway Administration.

    Safety Improvements improperly installed rumble strips along approximately 2 miles of Route 24 and Route 9 in Sussex County, resulting in road shoulders where the remaining rideable pavement is now less than the minimum of 4 feet wide required by state policy. DelDOT’s chief traffic engineer Mark Luszcz called the problem a glitch in a $1.3 million statewide contract.

    Thursday’s test was a second effort to use a new patching product to fix the bad rumble strips. If the patch approach doesn’t work, the 2 miles of road shoulder will have to be milled out and paved over, a more costly fix.

    CALLING ALL CYCLISTS: Please check out the location of the new rumble strip patch and let us know whether the test was successful. Is it rideable?


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    10 Responses to DelDOT Contractor Makes 2nd Try at Fixing Bad Rumble Strips

    1. July 14, 2014 at 8:09 pm

      Anything but a complete milling and repave will be a failure. Those patches will come undone over time and will be bumpy right from the start. Any roadie worth his 700×25 tires would instinctively know this.

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    3. Lee Mumford
      August 24, 2014 at 9:39 pm

      I’m 46, lived in De all my life. Deldot has no clue on how to fix or maintain our roads. Maybe Maryland can train them , they have nice roads. But I guess it’s too expensive when it takes 4 people with 1 shovel to fill a pot hole. Really!!!

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