• Delaware’s Biggest-Ever Cycling Project Is Underway in the Christina River

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    If you’ve driven north into Wilmington on I95 anytime recently, you might have noticed some mysterious activity – including two huge cranes – happening in the Christina River:


    Looking north towards Wilmington from the south bank of the Christina River. Construction equipment and a large crane are actually in the river. Another large crane is on the riverbank. (The football field-long bicycle bridge over the river requires the construction of two mid-river supports.)

    This is Delaware’s biggest-ever cycling project. It’s the final missing piece of an over 7 mile long bikeway extending from the Wilmington Riverfront to downtown New Castle. Read more about this remarkable project here:

    Delaware Awards Contract to Finish Long-Awaited Wilmington-New Castle Greenway


    19 Responses to Delaware’s Biggest-Ever Cycling Project Is Underway in the Christina River

    1. Willis Phelps Jr.
      February 9, 2017 at 7:12 pm

      The inforstruture is getting repaired, slowly, areas in the cities east and south side are in need of this. Along the Christina (And the Brandywine!), going on to the Delaware River into Old New Castle will be a plus. The link up to the Greenway/Mike Castle Trail Will Prove to be beneficial to our tourism and community growth also. I have meet folks biking (I walk!), Riding all the way up from Chesapeake City, and they LOVE it! SADDLE UP AND RIDE!

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