• The 2017 Walkable Bikeable Delaware Summit: Healthy and Transit-Friendly Development

    by  • March 17, 2017 • Economics, Events, Walkable Bikeable Delaware • 71 Comments


    Spending Money Nearby,
    Instead of on Fuel,
    Makes a Community
    Healthy, Wealthy and Cool

    According to AAA, owning, insuring, maintaining and fueling a personal vehicle costs the average household about $9,000 a year per vehicle. That’s what makes transportation – not food or clothing or healthcare or our personal electronics – the 2nd largest household expense in Delaware. (Only housing is more expensive.) But that’s not just an economic problem for families in Delaware. It’s an even bigger economic problem for communities in Delaware because no one in Delaware drills for oil or manufacture cars. So all that money we spend on transportation leaves our local communities (instead of circulating within them).

    In contrast, every time a new household forms in Delaware with one less car, that household is economic gold to its local community. All the money that new household is not spending on owning, insuring, maintaining and fueling a car becomes, instead, discretionary income that can be spent with local businesses creating local jobs.

    That’s the problem: we need to reduce the cost of transportation in Delaware in order to catalyze local economic development. But what’s the solution? How can we create a low-cost transportation system in Delaware that will create economically vibrant local economies in Delaware?


    May 4, 2017
    Dover, Delaware

    71 Responses to The 2017 Walkable Bikeable Delaware Summit: Healthy and Transit-Friendly Development

    1. Joshua Craig
      March 21, 2017 at 3:52 pm

      I have lived in delaware for almost a year now and cecil county for my life before that. I went from driving since I was 16 and doing 20,000 miles a year in my own mileage and now I only commute via bike. I actually work in newark and deliver courier style on a bicycle. I bike to work and bike home. It saves me on a vast majority of expenses and has allowed me to spend more locally and provide myself with a healthier lifestyle. The only problem I see are some of the roads in DE I travel on are far from bike friendly.

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