• Reason #8: Because bicycling is cheap

    Can bicycling save the planet?  Who knows? But bicycling can surely save our pocketbooks.

    Bike Delaware’s mission is to make bicycling in Delaware a family-friendly and mainstream transportation option so that not every adult in Delaware needs to own his/her own motor vehicle in order to be an adult.  And, since the annual cost of car ownership in the United States is now approaching $10,000 per year (the second highest household expense after housing), replacing some cars with bicycles makes good economic sense both for our families and for Delaware. Indeed, since ~75% of the cost of car ownership leaves the local economy, increasing use of bicycles could mean 10s of millions of dollars of additional economic growth for our Delaware economy every year.

    By joining with other cyclists,  you are supporting an organized, unified and powerful voice for bicycling. We have shown how powerful – how irresistible, in fact – we are when we are unified, organized and focused.  If you want more of that, please help by becoming a member of Bike Delaware, today.

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