• Reason #9: Because to be effective we have to be organized

    It is a fact of our democracy that people need to organize in order to advance their interests.  Gun owners are a powerful constituency in this country but only because they are organized by the National Rifle Association.  The same goes for retired people whose concerns are always front and center in policy discussions because the American Association of Retired Persons keeps them there.  Citizen cyclists in Delaware need the same sort of effective and organized representation.

    At last year’s National Bike Summit, the Alliance for Biking and Walking gave Bike Delaware its “Winning Campaign of the Year” award for our “Walkable Bikeable Delaware” campaign.  Out of every city and state in the country, the Alliance chose Walkable Bikeable Delaware as the single most effective new campaign.  Walkable Bikeable Delaware is not focused on words. It’s not focused on happy assurances or promises.  It’s focused on money and, since the campaign started, over $26 million dollars in state and federal funds have been authorized for cycling projects.  In terms of a per capita commitment of money, no other state in the country even comes close.

    By joining with other cyclists,  you are supporting an organized, unified and powerful voice for bicycling. We have shown how powerful – how irresistible, in fact – we are when we are unified, organized and focused.  If you want more of that, please help by becoming a member of Bike Delaware, today.

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