• AWESOME Video: The First State Trails and Pathways Initiative

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    DNREC has put together this awesome 5 minute video on Governor Jack Markell‘s First State Trails and Pathways Initiative:

    • connecting Delawareans to better health
    • connecting Delaware neighborhoods to parks, schools and local businesses
    • connecting communities to each other
    • connecting people of all ages…to the places they want to go

    Video Narrator: “Governor Jack Markell envisions a statewide linked network of trails winding their way from the rolling hills north of Wilmington south to sandy Fenwick Island.  And from the Delaware bayshore west to the Maryland line.”




    Delaware Trails and Pathways (state web site)

    • Delaware General Assembly Votes $13.25 Million for Walking and Bicycling

    Walkable Bikeable Delaware Wins National Recognition


    2011 Bike Friendly Elected Official

    Delaware House and Senate Pass “Walkable, Bikeable Delaware”


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