• “State Authorized Funding for Bicycling Improvements” Tops 2013 Vote

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    At Bike Delaware’s 2013 Strategic Vision and Vote on November 15, “State Authorized Funding for Bicycling Improvements” was the top vote getter among 25 candidate goals.

    While Delaware’s pro-cycling momentum is undeniable, there is no guarantee that it can be sustained. But that momentum has to be sustained.  It took a long time to create our current bicycle-unfriendly built environment; digging ourselves out of that hole will take years of hard work (and, probably, some good luck, too). And to get there from here, we will need to exploit and build intelligently on our recent victories.

    SV2013 is all about unifying cyclists behind clear and focused strategic goals for improving cycling in Delaware.  If you were unable to attend in person on November 15 to vote, there is still an opportunity to vote online.   Of the 10 leading strategic goals from the November 15 vote, we still need help narrowing that list down from 10 to a more manageable and achievable 2 to 4 goals.  Please help by voting:


    * * * *    VOTE ON 2013 BIKE DELAWARE GOALS HERE    * * * *

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