• Reason #1: Because we can make Delaware the most bicycle-friendly state in America

    We can make Delaware the most bicycle-friendly state in America.

    C’mon, really?

    Yes, really.

    Last year (2012) Delaware leapt 8 places in the League of American Bicyclists’ ranking of bicycle-friendly states, from 18th place to 10th place.

    (UPDATE – MAY 1, 2013: We just leapt to 5th place!)

    So it’s not as if we have to move from the bottom of the list of states. We’re already in 10th (5th!!!) place.

    To move from 10th 5th place to 1st place will be harder than moving from 18th place to 10th place and 10th place to 5th place was, but not impossible. How do you get there from here?  Do we need to import 10s of thousands of hard-core “avid” bicyclists from other states?  Does the price of gasoline need to skyrocket to $20/gallon?  Do Delawareans need to experience a come-to-bicycling epiphany?

    Nah. We just need to make bicycling so safe, so convenient and so much fun that everyone will want to bicycle.

    By joining with other citizen cyclists,  you are supporting an organized, unified and powerful voice for bicycling. We have shown how powerful – how irresistible, in fact – we are when we are unified, organized and focused.  If you want more of that – and want Delaware to be the most bicycle-friendly state in America – please help by becoming a member of Bike Delaware, today


    Reason #9: Because to be effective we have to be organized

    Reason #8: Because bicycling is cheap

    Reason #7: Because our kids are trapped in their neighborhoods, and they shouldn’t be

    Reason #6: Because life expectancy is falling in many places in America, and that’s ridiculous

    Reason #5: Because cycling projects create many more jobs than road projects

    Reason #4: Because a multimodal transportation system is more resilient

    Reason #3: Because streets are not roads

    Reason #2: Because to exploit the benefits of bicycling, Delaware needs a low-stress, family-friendly and seamless bikeway network

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